The issue of longevity only comes up because of how natural-looking I am able to enhance your appearance using light blended colors. Having said that, the longevity of your makeup depends on a number of factors, including the color used, depth of the pigment, your unique features, proper post-care, and lifestyle choices such as the amount of exposure to the sun . The darker the pigment chosen for you the longer it will last. The lighter the pigment chosen for you, the faster it will fade. If you’re a blonde, you’re not going to have the longevity of a brunette (though supposedly you’ll have more fun). The amount of sun exposure you get plays a major role. If you use sunblock and limit your exposure to the sun’s rays, you’re going to have greater longevity with your permanent makeup than someone who sunbathes or lies in tanning beds. The darker your skin gets, the lighter your permanent makeup looks. Here are some averages or parameters to consider: Permanent Eyeliner and Permanent Lip Makeup have the greatest longevity. You are probably looking at wanting a re-touch approximately 3 to 5 years after your initial procedure. Again, it depends on the variables listed above. How Long Does Permanent MakeUp Last? For Eyebrow Tattoos it’s often around 1 to 3 years when more fair-skinned people think about having a re-touch. As above, your results may vary depending on the factors previously mentioned.
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